Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Rain Coat Investment

Burberry Rain Coat // J.Crew Jeans // Tory Burch Tote (newest version)
Marshalls Booties (similar) // J.Crew Turtleneck

These pictures were taken a couple weeks ago, and YES, I have been THAT busy that I haven't had time until NOW, 9:25 on a Tuesday night, to gather them and post them here for ya'll to see!

With all the rain and gross weather that Boston has been having, I figured I would post these particular pictures for two reasons. One being that they are old pics, so there is NO snow on the ground (ah, those were the days), and two, to inspire you to treat your self and do what I did many months ago... go and get yourself a snazzy big girl rain coat! You will thank me later. 
It is TOTALLY worth the investment!


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